Goodwill Writing
June 6, 2006

We've all had our share of wild times.

We swore we would record some of the craziness, but really, between the hangovers and the all-nighters, who had the drive?

Well, if we can't relive our own experiences (or are simply too afraid to try), at least we can live vicariously through David Goodwillie, author of Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.

Goodwillie is literally an open book as he candidly chronicles his relationships with friends, family, employers and significant others. He depicts his struggle to become a writer in nineties New York and discusses his diversions and disappointments during the dot-com era.

Somehow between pitching articles to editors and penning the occasional story, this young aspiring writer ran with the Sotheby's crowd and did a stint as a private investigator.

Oh, yeah, and he partied pretty hard as well.

So book it to the, uh, bookstore (or just order online). Because we think all our lit-loving friends will adore it.

Assuming we're on the same page.

Available online at

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