The Skinny on Scoop du Jour
May 16, 2006

We’re always going on about this and that, be it a new handbag designer or our favorite set of dishes. (Boy, do we love to hear ourselves talk.)

As the candles begin to flicker on our two-year anniversary cake we feel that now's the time to give you the Scoop on us.

Some of you have been wondering how we benefit from dishing out the Scoop du Jour. You may be surprised to learn that the main element we gain is the pride in knowing that you value our opinion enough to actually go out and buy the products we recommend, and then promptly report back with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

To be clear, we never profit from the sale of any of the products we feature. Simply put, we write about the things we love and believe in and only hope that once you try 'em you will too.

But don’t misunderstand us…a girl’s gotta eat.

So in case you haven’t noticed, from time to time we display banner advertisements in our newsletter. The purpose of these banners is to generate revenue as well as alert you to products & services that we feel you should know about.

In addition, we feature Scoop-worthy websites and added promotions in the PS section of the newsletter. Oftentimes these links are paid for, but ultimately they’re just another way for us to dish it out.

Last but not least is the whipped cream to our banana split, the cherry atop our sundae...the Sponsored Newsletters. Although these look much like the Scoops you’ve come to know (and dare we say love), Sponsored Newsletters are only served up on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. We've saved Tuesdays & Thursdays strictly for editorial.

However, regardless of whether or not we receive payment for a particular Scoop, everything we cover must adhere to our grocery list of standards in order to ensure that we're using only the freshest ingredients at all times.

Oh, who exactly is Sophie you ask? Take a gander at her bio and find out for yourself…

She's quite a character.

P.S.  Isn't it time we stopped looking like bag ladies and actually had it in the bag? Introducing Katie James, a New York-based accessories designer with a keen eye for style. With her go-anywhere silk jewelry bag and double-duty checkbook cover-slash-calendar, you'll be organized from here to next week. From now thru May 31st, receive 10% off all Katie James products when you enter SCOOP upon checkout. Feeling lucky? When you sign up for Katie's newsletter you'll be automatically entered to win a free jewelry bag (valued at $36).

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