Common Scents
March 28, 2006

Doggie daycare, gourmet baby food, chocolate-flavored dessert spray...

Some days we're convinced we've seen it all.

That is, until something new comes along to top it.

Case in point: Perfume especially formulated for our clothes. Both anti-bacterial and odor neutralizing, Fabric Fresh comes in four unique scents, Classic, Lady, Cedar, and our top pick, Baby.

Recommended for use on everyday items in need of some aromatherapy from sneakers to sofas, we're having a hard time wasting notes of sandalwood, bergamot and vanilla on our dingy old tennies.

Just one of a handful of luxe garment care products from The Laundress that include cashmere shampoo, ironing water and static solution...

Who knew gettin' down n dirty could result in such clean fun?

Available online at

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