Cuckoo for Cocoa
March 14, 2006

While we're not always eager to admit it, we seem to possess a bevy of personalities.

Our persona du jour, if you will.

There's the overachieving chick, the silly chick, the adventurous chick & the determined chick. (And those are just the ones we're willing to publicly acknowledge.)

It isn't everyday we find a product that all four chicks can actually agree on, so when we happened upon Chick Chocolates, we knew we had something special.

The all-natural chocolate line created by women, for women offers four distinct flavors...calcium-fortified Strong Chick, toffee & almond laden Nutty Chick, cacao laced Extreme Chick, and our personal fave, raspberry-infused Survivor Chick, which aims to donate 100% of its profits to women's cancer organizations.

The chocolates come three to a box and are each wrapped individually to facilitate sharing, however we must have forgotten to mention our fifth persona...

Selfish chick.

Chick Chocolates are available online at

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