Animal Bites
December 8, 2005

When it comes down to it, we really aren't that different from our precious pooches.

We feel prettiest when groomed, we wag our tails to get attention and we'll pretty much eat anything you put in front of us.

But just as we treat ourselves to manis, pedis and fitted jeans, we've also been known to splurge on gourmet delicacies. So why shouldn't we let Rover do the same?

All-natural Bark 'N Bake treat mixes offer gourmet eating options like Beef Barbeque, Banana Carob Chip and Herb and Cheddar, so man's best friend can sniff out a favorite variety all his own.

Fight doggie breath with Minty Paws or let the little guy indulge in some Pumpkin Pie...'tis the season after all.

But don't go all Pavlov on these hungry house pets and train them to respond only to the good stuff.

Because then you'll be the one in the doghouse.

Treat mixes are available at

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