One Smart Cookie
December 1, 2005

While everyone else is sending out fruitcakes this season, we're turning to something a bit more deluscious.

No, we're not making up words. (Like we really need another Brangelina.)

We're talking about Deluscious Cookies & Milk, a Los Angeles-based company shipping scrumptious, handmade sweets to your sweetie.

Flavors like Chocolate Bing Cherry, Cinnamon Sugar and Oatmeal Chocolate will turn even the strictest dieter into a full-fledged cookie monster.

Expect the fruitcake-giving set to curse your creativity.

Hey, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Deluscious Cookies & Milk is offering Scoop du Jour readers 1 free chocolate chip cookie with your first dozen thru 1/31/06. (Not valid on orders placed between 12/12/05-12/23/05.)

For ordering information visit or call 866.788.8803.

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