Schtick it to 'Em
August 4, 2005

We know our iPods and laptops store some pretty unique content, but showing it off can feel like a full-time job.

"Listen to this song. Seriously, it's the best." "Just look at one more picture of my precious little niece." "Omigod, you must download that soundtrack."

Maybe it's time we let the gadgets speak for themselves.

Colorful LapSchticks and PodSchtickers mount on your favorite toy with removable adhesive for a welcome change to the everyday white, black or gadget gray.

Choose among Snappy Stripes, Deluxe Dots or DJ turntable patterns or customize your computer with your own words or images. You can even send in a photo for a picture-perfect decal.

Because let's face it, sometimes it's what's on the outside that really counts.

LapSchticks & PodSchtickers are available at

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