Mid-flight Snack
July 7, 2005

Sure those airline pretzels were tasty enough, but now our taste buds are on salt overload.

Gulping glasses of water (assuming we can score more than one) will mean climbing over our neighbor to reach the loo.

We'd rather not ask him for a stick of gum as that might lead to (gasp!) conversation. And there's no way we're about to forgo some long-awaited naptime.

Thankfully Dylan's Candy Bar comes to the rescue with its Candy Travel Pack. The reusable vinyl bag features slots for bubble gum, lollipops, tootsie rolls and gummy bears, and they're small enough to store in your carry-on.

Besides, the hotel mini-bar is going to cost a fortune later, so why not indulge in some petite treats now?

Just pop a few pieces in your mouth and let the snoozin' begin.

As long as your neighbor doesn't ask you to share…

Dylan's Candy Travel Pack is available at flight001.com.

P.S.  AND THE WINNER IS...Hundreds of you entered but only 2 could win the tank of their choice (valued at $100) compliments of designer diva Meredith Straus. (Excludes White Floral Appliqué Tank). Congrats to Samantha Rubin (OH) & Lauren Holland (PA)! Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's drawing. Check back next week for another chance to win fabulous products compliments of Scoop du Jour!

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