Dog Days of Summer
May 10, 2005

Remember a time when the mere thought of envying our pets' wardrobes was about as likely as them actually having one?

When a dog's one and only outfit was (gasp) fur, a vinyl collar and some tags?

Well you can lick those days goodbye...

Fido's summer duds have finally begun to rival ours and we find ourselves wondering (aloud, we might add) where we can score some in our size.

Thanks to Kwigy-Bo's new collection of pique polos, tennis vests and sequin tees, our closets won't be any better for it, but our yuppie puppies can finally go clubbing, as in country, in style.

And for those micro-pups with the macro-inferiority complexes, the skull and crossbones hoodie should have 'em walking tall in no time.

We haven't found the outfit to help us tackle our inferiority complex just yet, but we're thinking we oughtta start by dressing better than our dogs.

Hey, you never know.

To view the spring/summer collection or to find a store location, please visit

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