Anger Management
April 5, 2005

Men may find this hard to believe, but “that time of month” isn’t always the culprit.

On any given day, we’ve been known to cry, sulk, mope and rage. (We’re all about spontaneity, you know.)

But at least we can laugh about our mood swings.

Angry Little Girls, the new book by Lela Lee, follows five cartoon kids through love, friendship and grooming. They’ve already attracted a loyal following through Lee’s weekly online comic strip, and now they’re invading the printed page as well.

Meet Kim, the impatient Asian girl; Deborah, the disenchanted princess; Maria, the zany Latina; Wanda, the optimistic soul sistah; and Xyla, the gloomy downer.

Can anyone say PARTY?!?

As Deborah looks in the mirror to see a Jewish girl on a bad hair day and Kim lashes out at her well-meaning boyfriend, we’re predicting you’ll have a private chuckle and then promptly circulate this book among the gal pals.

Because sometimes men just don’t get it.


Angry Little Girls is available at For more information, visit

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