Picture Perfect
March 15, 2005

There are many different degrees of art appreciation.

For some, it's a marathon weekend at the Met. For others, it involves a sunny day and some sidewalk chalk.

Whatever your level of knowledge, it's comforting to know that we needn't be Picasso buffs to flex our aesthetic muscle.

Armed with little more than your favorite pictures and a blank canvas, Photo Crazed will produce a unique piece of Pop Art to your exact specifications using either a singular image or multiple subjects.

A great way to snag that Warhol at a sliver of the price, we suggest you go for the gusto and snap that can of tomato soup.

C'mon, even you would get sick of looking at six of you...


For more information please visit Photocrazed.com.

P.S.  Ready...set...write! Twelve lucky subscribers will win a personalized card set (valued at $18.50) from Flirty Girly Pink. You know the drill...Simply send us an email with your name and mailing address and we'll announce the winners in this Thursday's Scoop!

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