The Sharpest Tools in the Shed
January 20, 2005

Trading Spaces...Extreme Home Makeover...Mix it Up...heck, This Old House (post-Bob Vila).

What do these shows have in common aside from the fact that we're hopelessly addicted?

They all make us want to don a toolbelt and actually have a clue as to what to do with it.

Sadly our obsession with home improvement doesn't exactly equip us with an instruction manual (or a union for that matter), but it does come with some pretty fancy tools.

French design company Pylones, responsible for whimsical items like colorful dot-laden toasters and hand painted beetle nail clippers has once again managed to add their feminine touch in the unlikeliest of places.

Say Aloha to the Hawaiian-inspired Multi-Tools. Sold separately, the hammer, screwdriver and pliers are designed to be multi-purpose, hence the 4 nesting screwdrivers hidden in the hammer's removable handle. The screwdriver is doubly double-ended, providing its owner with 4 times the amount of um, screwing pleasure.

Get your heads out of the gutter ladies; we're talking tools here.

The Pylones Aloha Flower Multi-Tools are available at

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