Just in the Nick of Time
January 11, 2005

Why is it that we never feel quite as sexy as when we're micro-miniskirted, showing off our silky smooth, hose-free stems?

When our shave is so perfect that we end up accidentally brushing up against our nameless crush from the coffee shop...twice.

Thatís why nicks and cuts, conveniently rearing their ugly heads after that frantic pre-date shaving session, fall just short of disastrous. Until now.

Enter Bandshades, a welcome alternative to those generic adhesive bandages. Available in five believable skin tones, Bandshades start with a neutral flesh tone and intensify all the way to a dark mocha.

No matter the color of your skin or for how long youíve been basking in the sun, youíll find a Bandshade close enough to the real thing to fool him-- er, everyone.

So the only nick anyone's going to notice from now on is that dreamy guy on your arm.

Bandshades are available at Bandshades.com.

P.S.  You're all winners in our book, but only 3 of you will win a pair of Melonets fishnet stockings (valued at $28). Send us an email with your name and mailing address and we'll announce the lucky winners in this Thursday's Scoop!

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