Cootie Shot
January 6, 2005

We must admit we take great pride in our slew of germaphobic tendencies.

They've kept us out of many a doctor's waiting room.

However, between the frequent hand washing and the habitual removal of our tennies before we ever reach the front door, we haven't quite figured out where the cautiousness ends and the OCD begins...

But as long as we're destined for the therapist's couch anyway, why not get our money's worth and add one last weapon to our flu bug arsenal before we go?

Our newest obsession is No Cooties Travel Spray, a natural blend of anti-bacterial essential oils that purify the air by minimizing the transmission of airborne microorganisms.

Recommended for use on airplanes, in public bathrooms and generally anywhere germs dwell, (as in everywhere, duh) we can typically be found spraying to our heart's content at least 25 times a day.

You know, right after we get done washing our hands.

No Cooties Travel Spray in the 2 oz. pre-mixed bottle is available at

Hundreds of you entered but only 2 could win a No. 1 Gift Set (valued at $89) from Amenity. Congrats to Kirsten Metz (AZ) & Kristina Garcia (IL)! Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's drawing. Check back each week for more chances to win fabulous products compliments of Scoop du Jour!

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