If the Shoe Doesn't Fit...
August 12, 2004

Of-the-moment pinstripe pencil skirt.


Perfectly tailored crisp white button down.


Seamless bra and panties.


Pointed stilettos smooth as buttah.


Pointed stilettos smooth as buttah whose straps keep falling down that you’d actually swear there were tiny mice underneath your feet who were getting paid time-and-a-half just to trip you.

Check, please.

There’s nothing quite like trying to play it off like a cool fashionista only to realize that you’re really just an awkward eight year-old playing dress up in her mother’s closet who couldn’t balance a book on her head for all the tea in China.

The key is to not let anyone else in on your ruse. The Keymaster’s name, we recently discovered is Sling Stay.

Nearly invisible double-sided strips that affix to the back of your heel, Sling Stay keeps slingback straps from sliding off your foot. (Try saying that ten times.)

A simple invention that constantly has us asking, “Why didn’t we think of that?” they’re a surefire way to keep the eight year-old in all of us at bay. Unless of course we actually see a mouse...then all bets are definitely off.

But at least our shoes will stay put as we run like the wind for the nearest tabletop.

Sling Stay is available at Shopintuition.com. $10 for a pack of 20 strips.

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